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Products including a white mixing bowl, a black comb, a black application brush, a purple 3 ounce tube of purple smoothing treatment and a 3 ounce white tube of a-keratin clarifying shampoo.

Purple Smoothing Treatment Kit

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The NEW! Peter Coppola® PURPLE Smoothing Treatment quickly de-frizzes and strengthens Blonde, White or Silver hair. This Formaldehyde and Aldehyde free formula safely smooths while improving the hair’s appearance and manageability for up to 3 months. This kit includes everything you’ll need to ensure the perfect smoothing service for your clients with Level 7 hair and above.


  • 1 pc - PURPLE Smoothing Treatment | 3oz.
  • 1 pc - α-Keratin Clarifying Shampoo | 3oz.
  • 1 pc - Black 2” Tint Brush
  • 1 pc - Black Tint Bowl
  • 1 pc - Heat Resistant Fine Tooth Tail Comb


SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Please review detailed treatment processing instructions linked below.

Click HERE to view online instructions
Click HERE to download your own step-by-step guide 

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