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white hair cape and a black apron with black and white text printed on it respectively. It says Peter Coppola Keratin Concept.

Protection Pack

$14.00 $24.00

Save 41% when you Protect your clothes in the Salon!

The Peter Coppola® Signature White Cutting Cape will help to protect your customer's clothes while they're in your chair and the Black Protective Stylist Apron will save your clothes from chemicals and stains! 


  • 1 pc - Peter Coppola® Logo White Signature Cape
  • 1 pc - Peter Coppola® Logo Black Protective Stylist Apron 


Simply dress the client in the White Apron when they sit down in your chair and dress yourself in the Black Apron prior to starting any service in the salon! Your clothes will thank you! 

Note: Packaging may appear different as featured image.