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PCB Groomsmen - Coming Soon!

A True Collective of Influencers and Mentors - Athletes, Musicians, Motivational Speakers, Politicians, Professionals, Brands.


Male self-image has evolved. Men see the whole picture. Their self image is derived from their whole self: hair, fashion, fitness, wellness - all generations are adopting grooming, health and wellness habits and are openly sharing them. 

We wanted to do more than just open a new male client category , so together with our friends and our partners, we look forward to supporting the health and awareness of men. 



The PCB Groomsmen Collective was born. 

Peter Coppola Beauty provides the tools for the modern barber and stylist, as well as the modern client, to bend and customize their looks. 

This new frontier of men's grooming encourages men to realize their full potential as individuals, to refine their style and define themselves. From a slick pompadour to a messy man bun, all men are carving out time for style. 

The client consultation has evolved into a conversation about the client's texture and how it plays a part not only in his desired appearance but also in his drying time, styling time, ability to construct a part, and even in the way his hair feels. 

The Peter Coppola Smoothing and Refinishing Treatment addresses the texture conversation and is an answer to drying time, styling time, ability to construct a part and specifically the "texture" of the hair. By providing this service in the mens's grooming category, stylists are now able to bend and customize their client's look in a simple, safe and versatile way. 



"The Male Client"

This guy is not looking to round brush, or flat-iron his hair. He wants versatility, he wants simple steps and he wants his hair to be workable into any style he choses.



The Peter Coppola Smoothing & Refining Treatment gives the "Male Client" an opportunity to:

1. Refine his texture and beard for a softer more polished look and feel.

2. Confidence in knowing he looks good and ease in styling.

3. Saving time daily. 


The Peter Coppola Smoothing & Refinishing Treatment gives the "Male Stylist of Barber" an opportunity to:

1. Refinishing texture to give clients more options.

2. Diversify your clientele.

3. Add on service that will bring repeat business and increase revenue. 




The Barber Collective series is a video exploration into the lives and inspiring stories of these talented people.


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