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Keratin Treatment

At Peter Coppola Beauty we believe remaining teachable is the key to success.

We know that honing your craft enables you to grow and succeed as a professional. Peter Coppola Beauty is committed to proofing the beauty community with shared knowledge and experience from mentors and peers.

> > Please note that online Keratin Certification is required to order our Professional Only Keratin Smoothing and Refinishing Treatment.

This service is currently only available to salon professionals.



    Benefit your clientele with the Peter Coppola Beauty Keratin Smoothing and Refinishing Treatment.

    • > Reverses the signs of damage and promotes overall hair strength and vitality to provide a restorative boost and unparalleled protection for your hair.

    • > Uses the highest quality ingredients, such as Keratin, vital ceramides and smoothing amino acids, combined with a low pH mechanism to soften and smooth coarse hair.

    • > Drastically reduces frizz.

    • > Is free of formaldehyde and aldehydes that is safe for all hair types.

    • > Volumizes and restores hairs youthful look and texture.

    Give your clients the gift of versatility for their hair.. Get Keratin Certified now by clicking here!