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Last year, we set out to send a message to stylists everywhere through a unique photo series that was published as a 7-page spread in Modern Salon magazine.


Diversity Through Texture is a movement. A really important one. We want to help stylists focus not only on the diversity of hair textures, but the need for more diversity in clientele. Every stylist should be comfortable styling any client’s hair, no matter the ethnicity or race - and with the right products and tools in hand, so should you. We want to open up a conversation within the industry, and help break down barriers between stylists, clients and products. As a community, we can eradicate the feelings of fear, uncertainty and indifference.   We can inspire, support and teach each other.

It is the texture of the hair that determines the refinishing and styling needs. As a manufacturer of luxury hair products and services, we have a responsibility to ensure that every person, from every culture, understands that our brand and products are for everyone.

With the rise of natural hair and diversity in texture. we have a multitude of quality products that are safe and effective for all hair types and textures, but not everyone may fully understand their versatility. It's truly a great conversation to have in a room full of stylists in the industry and in schools. It gets people exited and plants the seed that ANYTHING is possible!

Diversity Through Texture